The Lehigh Logo & Banner

The Lehigh Logo

Made of two swashes of color–green for the mountains and blue for the rivers of the Presbytery–the logo is simple and contemporary in appearance.  Like the seal of the Presbyterian Church (USA), religious symbols can be seen in the design.  (Do you see the doves? A cross?)

The Logo design was created by Libby Aiken, a talented graphic artist and wife of the Rev. Dr. Jeff Aiken.

The Lehigh Banner

The Lehigh Presbytery BannerA group of Lehigh Presbytery women generously shared their time and talents, to provide us with a banner that will wave at General Assemblies and presbytery meetings for years to come.

According to the creators, at the center one can find a cross, dove, and Communion table. Rays branch upwards from the cross. The colors represent the mountains, sky, and water.

At the June Presbytery meeting, the banner was dedicated by the following prayer:

Holy One, you alone are our banner, whose name we raise,
who inspires us and cajoles us; it is you alone whom we declare
among the nations and proclaim. Our awe of you seeks expression in the creativity of lives lived for you, words spoken and sung, and in this gift of head and heart and hand:
      Christ’s cross before us as the life we must lead,
      and the Table by which he feeds us;
      your Spirit who makes it so;
      over mountains we must cross;
      in the waters of our baptism.
We give you thanks for the energy, intelligence, imagination, and
love given by Vickie Bowers, Mimi Haas, Janet Imdorf, Alicia
Shussett, and Marie Weiss
      and ask that where this banner is raised high,
      you will be higher in our hearts all the more
      living as those crucified with Christ;
      empowered by your Spirit;
      patient and persevering in adversity;
      and admiring of the beauty in us
      and in the people and world around us
      as witnesses to the new creation that is ours
      by your grace alone.
It is by this same grace that we pray all of this, in the name of the
Son and through the Spirit. Amen.

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