Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Lehigh Presbytery is called by God to nurture its congregations as they grow in every way into communities whose head is Jesus Christ, so that they will go out to make disciples, baptizing and teaching in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and to witness, through their actions, to the love of God. (cf. Ephesians 4:15 and Matthew 28:18-21)

Mission Statement

The focus of Lehigh Presbytery is to nurture its member congregations. To that end, the Presbytery will:

  • gather as communities for worship, spiritual renewal, and Christian Fellowship;
  • focus the energies of its staff and lay leadership on congregational transformation and leader development;
  • participate actively in ministries and mission that seek to make disciples for Jesus Christ, to address the needs of all God’s children, and to show God’s love in mission.

Four Emphases of our Mission

To strengthen and support congregations, the Presbytery will focus its time, personnel, and money in equal portions among four emphases:

  • Creating new congregations, with a growth rate determined by Presbytery Council;
  • Walking with faithful, effective, and innovative congregations to recognize sustainable habits that empower them to continue to soar as congregations;
  • Working with congregations that are ready to engage in transition and change activities leading to a spiritual strategic journey that transforms them;
  • Working with congregations that are holding steady, serving Christ and their communities faithfully.

Core Values

Core values guide our decisions, relationships, and activities as a community of faith. The Presbytery recognizes the following commitments to action as core values:

  • develop effective communication;
  • affirm partnership/collaboration;
  • nurture mutual trust;
  • pursue openness to new ideas and initiatives;
  • encourage each other in risk-taking/boldness; and
  • challenge individuals to discover their gifts.

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