Mission Trip: Romania

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from our team in Romania. Thank you for your prayers. I thought this trip was going to be very smooth. We arrived in Newark early and went through security without a hitch. But God planned an adventure for us.

Gerry Reynolds was the only one who arrived at our destination on time. After waiting for hours for the rest of the team, she went alone with a driver to Oradea.

The largest part of our team was diverted north to avoid the ash. As a result, we missed our connection in Brussels. The next available flight was 6 hours later. We had trouble getting through to Janos Antal since all lines were busy. Finally Jack Ferlino got through and let him know we were delayed. Since the gate was nearly empty, we stretched out on the plastic seats and took naps. We also took time for devotions and had a lively discussion of Presbyterian politics. The flight was delayed again but we finally made it to Budapest, and were delighted to meet up with Austin Sullivan. His flight had been delayed in Newark for 3 hours and he missed his connection too. Austin arrived before his luggage and had to contact missionary friends to call Janos. They borrowed a car to bring him back to the airport just as we arrived.

The driver who had been waiting for hours, met us and drove us back to Oradea. We arrived at the guest house at 2.00 AM and Gerry Reynolds got up to greet us. It was wonderful to have the whole team back together. Janos Antal met us and helped us move our mountain of luggage to the rooms. Beds never looked so good.

This morning we were awoken with bird song and church bells. Today is Ascension Day, a holiday here. We had a lovely traditional breakfast of tomatoes, sausage, bread and jam, tea and coffee, in the cafeteria. Jen Smalling went with Lilla Finta who will be preaching today at 11:00 a.m. The rest of us plan to visit the Roma (gypsy) Center to visit with the children. We spent the morning visiting with Janos, Judith, and Lilla. Thanks for this opportunity to strengthen our ties. Please keep praying for us.

Yours in Christ,
Pat Noga, writing for the team
Pat, Gerry, Joe, Jack, Jen, Joel and Austin

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