Mission Trip: Romania

Dear Friends and Family,

Many of you may have met Tibor Nagy when he was a global intern at Brainerd. He was very sorry to hear of Brainerd’s difficulties and hopes it remains open. He has been a pastor for six years now. He is also married with two sons aged three and a half and two months. When he started out, the church and manse were in ruins. Since then he has renovated the Manse inside and out, renovated the church, built an office and community center and landscaped the yard. It is very beautiful now.

We attended services at his church. The service was particularly moving. Tibor preached and Anna, his wife, played the organ. His son sang in the children’s choir. The two month old slept through the whole service. Tibor introduced our group, and invited Jack Ferlino to speak and give a prayer. Janos translated. Jack did a wonderful job and his words were moving and well received.

A young man made his confirmation at the service also. I heard that he had some learning difficulties and couldn’t read. His Grandmother helped him study and memorize everything required. During the service he was grilled with a number of questions and recited several prayers. Then Tibor named a hymn and he had to sing it in front of the whole congregation. Janos said this is traditional. There are fifty compulsory hymns! The pastor picks one at random and the confirmand must have the at least the first verse memorized.

Tibor spoiled us by preparing traditional Hungarian Goulash over a fire. It was amazing.

Tibor sends his greetings to Kim Ward and the young adult group coming this summer. He is looking forward to your visit.’ He served us polenda from the plums you picked last time.

He also sends greetings to Kathy and Rev. Koones and Jan and Bill Marsh. He remembers you fondly.

Thank you for your prayers.

Yours in Christ,
Pat Noga

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