Mission Trip: Romania

Dear Friends and Family,

We toured the High School in Cluj today. It now has over 300 students, grades 1 – 12. We had a delightful tour of the first grade, the sixth grade and the high school choir. The tour was led by Tibor Nagy, not the one you may know from Brainerd, but the pastor we invited to visit us last year who was denied a visa. He was very engaging and gave us a wonderful tour. He also invited us to have dinner after church on Sunday. I am really looking forward to going. It is a terrible disappointment that he was unable to come to visit us last fall.

For those of you from First Presbyterian Church of Allentown, you may remember that you donated $711.00 to the Cluj district that was used to send their high school choir to the national competition. They competed locally, regionally and then won third place nationally. Our money helped them travel to the nationals to compete. All the judges were Romanian, so it was amazing to win third place. I asked to see pictures of that choir and they showed us not only pictures, but the the winning certificates and a video of their performance. I wish you could have seen it.

I’ll try to write again soon.

Yours in Christ,
Pat Noga

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