Mission Trip: Romania

Dear Family and Friends,

We started this morning with a prayer service as we have every morning since arriving in Cluj. I gave Bishop Papp my copy of What It Means to Be Presbyterian, that I received at the last Presbytery meeting. He had a number of questions and I hope this will answer some of them.

After the service most of us traveled to the small village of Sztana. Jack Ferlino remained behind to visit with friends. In the village many improvements have been made since I visited last. A guest house has been built as well as a meeting room and clinic. Both were in ruins when I visited. Hunar Papp, not related to the Bishop, treated us to a horse drawn wagon ride. It was quite an unexpected adventure. It has been raining for three days but the horses didn’t seem to mind the mud. I highly recommend this method of transportation and entertainment.

Afterward we were treated to a feast prepared by some of the ladies in the village. The meal started out with sour meatball soup. It was so good most of us had two bowls. That was followed by rice and potatoes topped with chicken, lamb and pork. Homemade doughnuts finished the meal. I wish you could have been with us.

Thank you for the prayers.

Yours in Christ,
Pat Noga

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