Mission Trip: Romania

Dear Friends and Family,

Today was a wonderful day. We had the opportunity to visit several of the eight churches pastored by Zoltan Pall. Many of you may remember his daughter, Renata, who was a global intern a few years ago. Pastor Pall built two new churches and we were able to visit them. The first was in Romangyeres. The sign over the gate read, “God brought you.” Since tomorrow is Pentecost, 150 people will be expected. This is a two day holiday and Pastor Pall will preach three sermons in three different churches and serve communion to shut-ins the first day. He will preach to three more congregations the second day.

We visited a new church built for a small congregation who had no pastor for 60 years. Pastor Pall agreed to do it. The average age of the congregation in 75. We also visited a church that is the farthest from Cluj. The roads were almost impassable and there was a road crew at work. In bad weather the pastor says he takes the car as far as it will go and then walks. One winter day, he had to walk quite a way. After the service it had snowed so much, he couldn’t find his car. Pastor Pall is also planning a new church development. New businesses are bringing new workers and church members to the area. The church is a spiritual home for the members.

Tibor treated us to a dinner including everything from bean soup, onion salad, pork and new potatoes, and chestnut ice cream. It also provided an opportunity to discuss our relationship. We have been getting much more from this partnership than I could have imagined. Their hospitality is second to none and the love transcends the many miles between us.

Tomorrow we will go to the the Bishop’s church for the service. We will have to go early to get a seat. Afterward we are invited to dinner with Tibor Nagy. I am looking forward to getting to know him better. Monday, Jack will join us for the trip back to Oradea and on to Budapest. This has been an amazing experience. We have done more and met more friends than we had hoped. It is hard to believe the trip is almost finished. We are still scheduled to return May 25th.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Yours in Christ,
Pat Noga

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