Reflection: Brandon Semerod

In August 2010, four young adults participated a mission trip to Romania to work at a summer camp as part of Lehigh Presbytery’s ongoing partnership with the Hungarian Reformed Church in Romania. Read all of their entries.


Brandon playing soccer with some of the campers.

Learning always occurs every day in life and when one takes part in a mission trip there is no difference to be seen. The learning happens differently for everyone and the lessons that come out of it are different as well. So what can you say about this past trip to Romania? What words or questions came out of it? I learned a few phrases such as, “the past is the past, but history depends on perspective.” “My day can be summed up with the words purpose driven, changing and aimless.” Like everything in the world it seems like those words don’t fit together, but if you think and are open, they do. I am purpose-driven by knowing what I want to accomplish and realize that it will change me and others in the process. Unfortunately, I am not always sure of how to accomplish it or what the next step should be so I must be somewhat aimless and trust in God that his will be done to help guide me to where I will need to be next. I saw a certain openness and support network, not just within the group, but everywhere that it whacked you on the side of your head saying this is what we can and are doing to move forward.

This mission trip brought bonds that were forged and renewed amongst the team of individuals working together to further God’s love and will. When people are able to concentrate on the things that bring us closer, we are able to transcend the things that separate us; to move together in the correct direction. This trip, I can say honestly, has renewed my own confidence along with that in others. It shed new light on previous thoughts and ideas and shook up my world and that of my church’s as to excite and renew our commitment and intentions within the makeup of the world. I would highly encourage anyone and everyone to take part in some sort of mission work, be it in your local community or abroad, to see what can be done and what others thoughts are. I caution you to be open to ideas, food and customs and to walk into the experience open-hearted and positive knowing that you are not alone.

As I sit here in China writing this, thinking back and feeling what I am here, I am constantly reminded and comforted by the devotion that started our trip to Romania, “You go nowhere alone and there is something to be done through you, God’s grace and love surrounds you!” Remember that, as you take a single step out the door each day, and you, will be able to make an impact.

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