Reflection: Dalton McGary

In August 2010, four young adults participated a mission trip to Romania to work at a summer camp as part of Lehigh Presbytery’s ongoing partnership with the Hungarian Reformed Church in Romania. Read all of their entries.

Dalton McGary, Kim Ward, Amanda Hebard, and Brandon Semerod

Dalton McGary, Kim Ward, Amanda Hebard, and Brandon Semerod

I learned so much about Hungary and Romania. Like that Hungary was split and formed Romania. And the people in Hungary and Romania don’t really get along. But I also learned how wonderful the people are in Romania and Hungary. The people have no problem helping you if you need directions. And the people would invite us into there home and be so kind to us.

The camp was amazing. We got to help with the camp as staff so we got to experience something new. And the campers were able to experience how we work and see the difference from their camp to how we work at Camp Brainerd. The camp was way different than Camp Brainerd. The style of teaching was different and some of the activities were different. An example of one activity is the hot seat where the kids could ask you anything and you would tell them. But we were all there for the same reason and no matter what, learning about God is what matters. The kids were so nice; they tried their best to translate in English when they could. And all the helpers were so great and helpful. When the kids could not understand us or we didn’t understand them, they would translate for us.

The food was so good and fresh, I loved it all. The lunches were so big compared to the lunch we have here in America. And we had soup every day, which was almost always good.

And all the history there was great. I love learning about different historical things in the world. Like learning about the history of the Carpathian mountains and about the Dean and all the leaders of the church.

I’ve learned through others and through devotions that we are all God’s children. We pray to the same God; we believe in the same God. Through each other whether we spoke their language or whether they spoke ours. Through song, prayer, working together, we are all part of God’s family…

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