Young Adult Mission Trip: Romania

In August 2010, four young adults participated a mission trip to Romania to work at a summer camp as part of Lehigh Presbytery’s ongoing partnership with the Hungarian Reformed Church in Romania. Read all of their entries.



“Joy to the world, all the boys and girls,
joy to all the fishies in the deep blue sea , joy to you and me.”
Creedance Clearwater Revival

So on that day Moses swore to me, “The land on which your feet have walked will be your inheritance and that of your children forever, because you have followed the Lord my God wholeheartedly.”
~ Joshua 14:9

Children bring much of the joy that we experience everyday-joy through the simple things that they do, a quick smile, exploring something new or a simple mix up of words. When I think of the work that our partners in Kenya do with their destitute children’s program I start to think of the joy that they must experience everyday in the helping of children grow. Even though our church’s circumstances are much different from Riamakurwe’s we get to experience the joy of watching the youth grow through the church- Sunday school, vacation bible school, youth groups. Bringing the children up through the church will enable them to follow God wholeheartedly.

Dear God please guide us to continue joyful experiences through the church and its programs. Amen.

John Gill
Faith Presbyterian Church, Emmaus
Written for Faith Emmaus Partnership Mission Trip to Kenya

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