Presbytery Meeting Highlights – January 24, 2012

The January Stated Meeting of Lehigh Presbytery was held at the Presbyterian Church of East Stroudsburg on January 24, 2012.  The members of the church welcomed the commissioners and Teaching Elder Ed Freeborn brought greetings from the congregation. The meeting was called to order by Teaching Elder Laddie Benton (Washington, Reading), Vice-Moderator of the Presbytery and Acting Moderator, at 1:00 p.m.

Stated Clerk Shussett moved to amend Standing Rule B.1 as follows: “The Presbytery shall hold stated meetings on the fourth Tuesday of February, April, June, September and November.” Presbytery voted to approve this change.

Ruling Elder Ann Terres announced the names of six candidates, to represent   Lehigh Presbytery at the 220th General Assembly in Pittsburgh in July 2012. Four delegates and two alternate delegates were elected by paper ballot. Teaching Elder Commissioners elected were David Duquette (Pennside) and Sue Pizor Yoder (the Barn). Jeffrey Colarossi (Pottsville) will serve as alternate Teaching Elder Commissioner. Ruling Elder Commissioners elected to represent Lehigh Presbytery were Maureen Christy (Stroudsburg) and Moufid Khoury (Commissioned Lay Pastor-Arabic Ministry, Allentown). Jack Felch (Allentown) will serve as alternate Ruling Elder Commissioner. Rachel Shussett (Faith, Emmaus) was nominated and elected Young Adult Advisory Delegate (YAAD) and Josh Fogerty (First Allentown) as Alternate YAAD to the General Assembly.

Teaching Elder Matilda Chase (Olivet) led Commissioners in a reading and discussion of John 15:1-17. Commissioners formed groups of three to discuss the following questions, and report their discoveries to the larger group.

  • What does it mean to abide with each other as a Presbytery?
  • How has God abided with you in this past week?
  • Reflecting on your entire experience in the Presbytery, recall a time when you felt the most engaged, alive, and motivated. Who was involved? What did you do? How did it feel?

During the worship service, Teaching Elder Sam Huffard preached on the passage on “abide”.
Teaching Elder George Taylor (Stroudsburg) presented Emily Wasser (Allentown) who shared elements of her faith journey and answered questions from the floor. The Presbytery voted to approve Ms. Wasser as an Inquirer.

Teaching Elder Dave Duquette introduced Teaching Elder Robert Snyder (Honorably Retired). He was examined and received into the membership of Lehigh Presbytery and placed on the pulpit supply list.

Teaching Elder Duquette then introduced Laura Stone, Candidate under care of  Central Florida Presbytery, to be examined for ordination. After a period of examination from the floor and discussion, Presbytery approved Candidate Stone for  ordination. Presbytery also voted to receive her as a member of Lehigh Presbytery, after  Central Florida Presbytery ordains her. Presbytery then approved Candidate Stone’s terms of call, as Temporary Supply at the United Presbyterian Church, Slatington..

Teaching Elder Duquette announced that the Committee on Ministry has approved the request from Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery to ordain Candidate Denise Williams (Pennside) when the way be clear. Candidate Williams has accepted a call as Teaching Elder for the Pacific Presbyterian Church, Pacific, Missouri.

Teaching Elder Matilda Chase (Easton, Olivet United), Chair of Presbytery     Council, installed  Teaching Elder Laddie Benton (Washington) as Moderator of the Presbytery, and of Ruling Elder Janet Ney (Allentown) as Vice-Moderator of the Presbytery.

The Presbytery is grateful to the East Stroudsburg Church for their gracious hospitality.



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