Christian Camping Appeal Letter

Kirkwood-Brainerd Camp

“I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?”     Isaiah 43: 19


November 19, 2014

Dear Friends of Christian Camping,

As we enter into a season of Thanksgiving, we would like to say thank you for your steadfast support of Camp Brainerd over the years. As I attended the closing ceremonies, I was quite taken with the depth of commitment and love we have for the place of Brainerd. But I was very encouraged to hear talk of how the spirit of Brainerd will live on.

We are now at a point that affords us the opportunity to take that spirit to a new place and a new level. Lehigh Presbytery’s Camp Brainerd and the Presbytery of Philadelphia’s Kirkwood Camp will merge into one ministry. For more than six decades, these two camps birthed countless testimonies of the power of Christian camping. Stories of formative faith experiences echo throughout the hearts and minds of members of both presbyteries and their churches.

Joining in full partnership with Philadelphia – birthing something new with them – became an opportunity for new life and vision that has begun to be realized. The merged ministry will bring more children to camp, increase the number of churches supporting the new camp, and help insure that camping ministry is available to our children for generations to come.

There is much to be done. A Transition Team comprised of an equal number of members from each presbytery has already begun to meet to plan the camp’s future. In order to recognize this new, joint ministry, a new name will be developed for our camp – and the spirit of Brainerd will continue to shape young hearts and minds. We have a very bright future ahead of us!

Our hope is that you will continue to faithfully walk with us, as you have in the past. We need to begin this joint ministry and the 2015 camping season on a sound financial basis. So, we are asking you to please consider joining us on this journey with your gifts of talent, time, and treasure. A meaningful first step can be making a donation to the camp. Online donations are possible at Checks may be made payable to Kirkwood-Brainerd Camp and mailed to: Presbytery of Philadelphia, 915 East Gowen Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19150. Also, please note the name of your church in the memo section. Additionally, it is possible to indicate whether you prefer your donation go toward scholarships or general use by including either “Scholarship” or “General” in the memo section as well.

Together, we can continue in our commitment to transform hearts and minds through Christian camping. Again, thank you for your faithfulness to our camping ministry. May our prayers abound as both presbyteries continue to forge this new path and new way of doing ministry together.

Rev. Ruth Ann Christopher
Christian Camping Transition Team, Co-Chair
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