Post General Assembly Reflection

from Christopher Dudley, Ruling Elder Commissioner

I had a very negative experience at the General Assembly for a number of reasons that are probably only of interest to me. There were, however, two positives that deserve comment. The first were my fellow commissioners, delegates, and others who attended the Assembly. I enjoyed getting to know Barbara, Chris, Jack, and Steve from the Lehigh delegation. I also had a number of nice conversations with commissioners from across the country and around the world, and it was nice to see the scope and diversity of the church.

Second, I was very impressed by how seriously the commissioners and delegates took their responsibilities. This was especially true at the committee level, where everyone worked very hard to understand and decide issues that were for many of us far outside our knowledge and experience. I also saw evidence of this seriousness in the plenary sessions and even just talking to other commissioners. I did not agree with every decision we made, but I cannot say that any of them were taken frivolously or without due consideration.

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