Letter from Lehigh Presbytery Moderator re: time of transition

May 17, 2015

To the saints called by God to be Lehigh Presbytery:

Lehigh Presbytery is in transition. This is our challenge, and we believe it is a challenge filled with opportunities and possibilities!

Yesterday (May 16), the Lead Team and Committee on Ministry spent the better part of the day reviewing the results of the congregational self-assessment, the Holy Cow! Presbytery self-assessment, and received reports from both our past and present treasurer on the financial state of the presbytery both present and projected.

With the departure of our Teaching Presbyter, the Rev. Dr. Steve Shussett, we find ourselves in a position to re-evaluate our life together and to chart some new courses. To that end, our June 23rd meeting will focus on a new direction for Lehigh Presbytery:

  • What is the role of a Presbytery? What are we here for?
  • What are the opportunities for mission and new life in our midst?
  • What is God already doing in our midst that we can celebrate?

We are not in this transition alone. The Synod is also in transition and we are part of that conversation as well. The Synod has also indicated that shared grants are available to us to bring in outside resources to assist us in our transition.

The Lead Team and COM will be meeting again on July 11th from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM. As a part of our new day, we would welcome the invitation to meet at your church (there are about 25 of us). All we ask for is a private space with adequate tables and chairs. Please contact me at 610-507-3927 or pastordave@pennsidepresby.org if you would like to be our host.

We are Lehigh Presbytery, and we will continue to communicate what we are learning. I hope to see you next Tuesday, May 26, at the Moderator’s Forum in Ashland and at our June meeting. We are in transition, and it is our intent to seize this moment and make the most of it – together.

In Christ,

Rev. David Duquette
Moderator of Lehigh Presbytery

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