Amendments to the Constitution of the PC(USA)

To all the Saints,

Grace to you all, and peace!

This past June, the General Assembly arrived at a number of decisions which have ramifications for the entire denomination. A number of these are now proposed amendments to the Book of Order, and one to the Book of Confessions regarding the addition of the Declaration of Belhar; these can all be found in detail by clicking the link below.

In recent years, we have hosted a number of small group discussions throughout the Presbytery, on a number of the subjects before us once again. If you would be interested in participating in such a discussion on proposed changes, including (but not limited to) marriage or Belhar, please contact the Presbytery office at or 610/391-9020. Once we have gauged interest, we can determine where such conversations are most desired. These will be RSVP gatherings.                              

God is all in all,

Steve Shussett


Click the link below to open the booklet of amendments:

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution 2014-2015

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