Barnabas Team

Conflict happens, even in the church. A team of people has received Conflict Management Training. The outcome of this was the formation of the Lehigh Presbytery Barnabas Initiative.

What is the Barnabas Team?

The Barnabas Team is named for the man who in the book of Acts helped Paul and Peter work out their differences when conflicts appeared in the early church about how to best serve God (Acts 9). Our B-Team is a group of both clergy and laity who have been trained to help congregations handle conflict in ways that are healthy and productive.

What can the Barnabas Team offer your church?

They provide personalized, confidential, and objective help in transforming conflict into opportunities for growth and healing. Our training includes Healthy Church systems work, Behavioral Covenants, listening sessions to get to the core of an issue, and other ways to improve communication and understanding

When should you contact the Barnabas Team?

The B-Team should be contacted when there is a loss of hope and trust in one another; when disagreements create or threaten to create division; when going to church is stressful; when arguments are not resolved; or when you would like to learn how to make your church a healthier congregation. We also have resources for developing strategies for minimizing the damaging effects of future conflict.

How do I get in contact with the Barnabas Team?

The Barnabas Team will come to your church at the request of your pastor or members of your Session. To request the B-Team’s services, please Teaching Presbyter Steve Shussett at the Presbytery office, (610)391-9020 or

All requests are confidential.

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