Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Class of 2016

Elder Vicki Bowers
Rev. Lindsay Harren-Lewis

Class of 2017

Rev. Laddie Benton
 – vacancy-

Class of 2018

Rev. Suzanne Brooks-Cope
Rev. Dr. Charles E. Colson
Rev. Wendell Harford


This committee fulfills the responsibility of being in relationship with those who are exploring (Inquiry phase) or pursuing (Candidacy phase) ordination to the ministry of Word and Sacrament [Book of Order (BO) G-14.0400].

The Committee on Preparation for Ministry is responsible for making sure that those who are to be ordained as ministers of the Word and Sacrament receive full preparation for their task. The Presbytery enters into covenant both with those preparing for this ministry, and with the wider church, claiming that persons completing the two phase process of inquiry and candidacy have demonstrated both competence and call (G-3.0307; G-2.06)

Resources & Forms

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