Committee on Shared Gifts

Class of 2016

Elder Toni Brooks
Rev. Dr. Helen Cochrane
Elder Ben Hooper

Class of 2017

Elder Steve Clemmons
Elder Barbara Finch

Class of 2018

Elder Joel Hurley
Elder Judy Steinberg, Chair


The Committee on Shared Gifts has combined the duties of a Nominating Committee and the Committee on Representation.

This committee nominates persons to fill vacancies on committees and other bodies that require election by the presbytery or synod. They shall ensure that nominations are made by an entity broadly representative of the constituency of the council, and in conformity with the church’s commitment to unity in diversity (F-1.0403). If you feel called to participate in such a way, contact the Presbytery at 610.391.9020 or   (BO – G-3.0111)

This committee shall advise the council regarding the implementation of principles of unity and diversity, to advocate for diversity in leadership, and to consult with the council on the employment of personnel, in accordance with the principles of unity and diversity in F-1.0403.   (BO G-3.0103)

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