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Overview: Lehigh Presbytery desires to encourage individuals and small groups within the congregations of the Presbytery to identify the physical and/or spiritual needs of their community and develop mission and evangelistic initiatives to address at least one of them. Grants of up to $5,000 for space and/or equipment rental, payments for facilitators or consultants, and miscellaneous expenses necessary to launch and maintain the initiative are available upon application to the Presbytery Lead Team (PLT) using this form. An application for a second C-Change grant of up to $5,000 to the same recipient can be submitted after 12 months from the initial application date, but a second grant award is not guaranteed.

Mission initiatives should be based on three components:

  1. in” – How would the project foster a deeper connection with God? 
  2. with” – How would project participants demonstrate care for one another? and 
  3. out” – How would this project move into the surrounding community to express God’s love?

 Process: In all cases the proponents of a mission or evangelism initiative will have spent time in prayer, discernment and fact-finding regarding the resources needed and the intended short- and long-term results. However, if the members of a congregation are only at the point of feeling the guidance of the Holy Spirit to “do something” to address spiritual and/or physical needs in their community, they should engage in a time of prayer, discernment and fact-finding regarding various needs, and create a plan to address one of them.

It is strongly recommended that the Mission Insite tool be used as a resource in fact-finding and planning.

Before a grant application is submitted, each applicant (individual or group) shall confer with the Session of the particular congregation (or congregations, if applying cooperatively) to test God’s leading in this endeavor, and to receive the Session’s endorsement. The application shall also include measurable benchmarks to assess the project’s success.

Covenant: Upon approval of a grant application, a representative of the applicant and the PLT shall sign a covenant agreement acknowledging the purpose and action plan for the project, the evaluation benchmark(s), and the amount and distribution schedule for the grant. As a sign of reciprocal commitment to each mission initiative, Lehigh Presbytery will formally commission and pray regularly for the participants of each project.

Be the change God wants to see in the world!

Click on the link below for more information and an application:

 C-Change Grant Form  and instructions



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